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In today's Times of India, news of our published research paper

http://epaper.esakal.com/FlashClient/Show_Story_IPad.aspx?storySrc= uname=Read my article in Marathi Newspaper 'Sakal'

Its a proud feeling to share our research article published in a reputed medical journal, Vidarbha Journal of Internal Medicine.Its a huge data of more than 3000 patients

Will write column every fortnightly on Sex and Sexuality in daily newspaper "Sakal"Go to the link and watch the videohttps://www.facebook.com/55436896972/posts/10157298048926973/

In Yesterday's Marathi Newspaper 'Sakal'

My article on "Sexuality Education" in today's Marathi Newspaper "Sakal"

My today's article in a leading Marathi newspaper 'Sakal'

http://epaper.esakal.com/FlashClient/Show_Story_IPad.aspx?storySrc= uname=

http://epaper.esakal.com/FlashClient/Show_Story_IPad.aspx?storySrc= uname=