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  • Golden Lamp award ,The Highest award from CSEPI in recognition of contribution to the science of Sexology and outstanding service to CSEPI
  • Yogi Manohar Navratna Award by Sun Rise Peace Mission in the category of Medical services as Sexologist
  • Dr. Suresh Nadkarni Mitra Mandal Awards in IMA Maharashtra State 2007 – for Writing More than 100 articles on Sex Education, Counseling & Therapy in Marathi, Hindi & English News Papers
  • Best Hon. Secretary from Big Branch by IMA Maharashtra in 2009
  • Best Hon. Secretary from local Branch by IMA HQ in 2009
  • Best President from Big Branch by IMA Maharashtra in 2015
  • Best President from Local Branch by IMA HQ in 2015
  • Silver Lamp Award for Dedicated service to CSEPI and Promotion of Ethical Sexuality 
  • Best paper Awards two times in National conference in Sexology

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