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Today is "World AIDS Day".HIV/AIDS is increasing in young population and ABC of prevention of HIV/ADS isA- AbstinanceB- Be faithful to partnerC- Condome useResponsible Sexual Behaviour must be inculcated since adolescents

An article in Sakal today about the importance of sex education and treatment of sexual problems

Its a proud feeling to share our research article published in a reputed medical journal, Vidarbha Journal of Internal Medicine.Its a huge data of more than 3000 patients

In today's Times of India, news of our published research paper

Had a wonderful and interactive session on "Counseling Skills" at MAHASEXCON at Kolhapur today

Today's statement about Human SexualitySexuality is from womb to tombA person is born with a gender and the society influences the sexual behaviour and thoughtsEven elderly people also have sexual feelings and they can enjoy the sexual pleasure wi

Today took a session on adolescence and pubertal changes in Valmikinagar Hindi School of NMC, Nagpur. Made boys aware about the various changes taking place in their body , also about the emotional and sexual aspects of puberty and adolescence.Thank

At Bar. Wankhede Highschool, of Nagpur Municipal Corporation.Today took a session on "Adolescence" for boys of 8 & 9 std

Spoke on " Sex and Heart Diseases" in a CME organised by Association of Physicians of India at Hotel Tuli International, Sadar, Nagpur TodayIt was a highly interactive session