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My article on "Sex and Sexuality" will be published every fortnightly in a leading Marathi Daily"Sakal".This is the first article of the series

Its a proud feeling to share our research article published in a reputed medical journal, Vidarbha Journal of Internal Medicine.Its a huge data of more than 3000 patients

From today will post one article daily on sex life

http://epaper.esakal.com/FlashClient/Show_Story_IPad.aspx?storySrc= uname=Read my article in Marathi Newspaper 'Sakal'

My article on "Sexuality Education" in today's Marathi Newspaper "Sakal"

My article in Sakal on Wednesday 1st April on "7 Habits for happy married life"

My article in taday's marathi daily 'Sakal'

My today's article in a leading Marathi newspaper 'Sakal'

In today's SakalYou can read the article on following linkhttp://epaper.esakal.com/FlashClient/Show_Story_IPad.aspx?storySrc=http://epaper-sakal-application.s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/EpaperData/Sakal/Nagpur/2020/05/27/NagpurMain/Sakal_Nagpur_2020